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When a Loved One Is Hospitalized…A Family’s Guide
by: Michael R. Caballero, LCSWR & Jolie R. Giardino, LMSW, CSAP

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a hospital, alongside a loved one, feeling confused, lost and overwhelmed?

Hospitals are inherently frightening places, especially today as they are doing more with less staff and providing shorter hospital stays.

That’s the bad news but the good news is that there is now a guide that not only arms you with critical information but also helps you to become the advocate your loved one needs in order to ensure they receive quality medical care.

The name of this guide is When a Loved One is Hospitalized…A Family Guide. This book is written by two clinical social workers, who have more than two decades of combined experience as medical social workers. They bring not only important medical information, but also great tips on self-care and how to effectively advocate for your loved one.

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Michael R. Caballero, LCSWR

Michael has his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work. He is licensed by the state of New York. He has extensive clinical experience, first working as a medical social worker, and then as a psychotherapist during the past fifteen years. His areas of special interest include relationship enhancement, the treatment of adults who have experienced childhood trauma, grief therapy and providing support for individuals struggling with chronic illness. He is in private practice.

Michael resides in the beautiful and historic village of Lewiston, New York with his wife, Catherine and their children, Alexander and Elizabeth.

Jolie R. Giardino, LMSW, CSAP

Jolie is the clinical coordinator for a human services agency, located in Williamsville, New York. She has her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work. She is licensed by the state of New York. Jolie worked for several years as a medical social worker with individuals who had HIV/AIDS. She is currently employed as a clinical social worker providing individual, couple and group therapy. In addition, she is a lecturer, speaking to various organizations on a number of life enhancement topics. Her clinical specialty is in the treatment of women struggling with self-esteem issues. She is also a Certified Substance Abuse Professional.

What others have said about... When a Loved One is Hospitalized…A Family’s Guide

“This book explains in layman’s terms the experience a family will encounter when their loved one is hospitalized, for it answers many of their questions and concerns. It defines and simplifies medical language into understandable terms, and gives insight into the workings of the hospital. I recommend this book for all to read because, sooner of later, we will face the inevitable.” -Maria A. Creca, M.D.

“The authors approached their subject matter so that health providers and the general public can reach a common ground.” -Joseph Marra, D.D.S.

“I remembered, having recently been faced with a medical crisis, the valuable advice in this book. In my state of shock, I said to myself, I must be an advocate for my husband. Because of this book, I was not afraid to write down a list of questions and, most importantly, ask them. Whether you are facing a medical crisis or being admitted to the hospital for a routine medical procedure, this book is filled with necessary information that will guide you through your hospital stay.” -Stephanie Traxell, Esq.

“The intensive care unit is an infinitely complex place. I recommend this book to families of all hospitalized patients as it excels in providing the reader with a framework of the ICU experience that families will find helpful as they navigate the health care system." -Jeffrey M. Moll, M.D.

“Our healthcare industry is a complex and, sometimes frightening, environment. The hospital subculture has its own language and hierarchy which need to be understood. This book will act as a navigator, and is a must have when packing for the hospital.”-Cynthia A. Belling, BSN, MA

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